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Welcome to the City Limits Sportsfishing Fishing Report, where we strive to provide informative and exciting updates for those planning a fishing trip to Michigan. Our experienced guide, Captain Jason Harrison, is passionate about fishing and is committed to ensuring our clients have the best possible fishing experience. We are constantly monitoring the latest fishing conditions and trends, so you can be confident that your trip will be productive and enjoyable. If you're planning a fishing trip to Michigan, City Limits Sportsfishing and our experienced guide, Captain Jason Harrison, are here to help you make the most of your trip.

We get these questions a lot. How is fishing in Michigan right now? Where are the salmon running right now in Michigan? What is Michigan known for fishing? The fishing hotspots in Michigan can vary depending on the time of year and the type of fish you are targeting. Some popular fishing destinations in Michigan include Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair, as well as many rivers and streams throughout the state. The hardest fish to catch in Michigan is often considered to be the muskie, also known as the "fish of 10,000 casts." This elusive predator can be found in many of Michigan's lakes and rivers, but requires patience, skill, and specialized gear to catch.


One of the best fish to catch in Michigan is the walleye, which can be found in many of the state's lakes and rivers. Walleye are known for their tasty, flaky white flesh and can be caught using a variety of techniques, including trolling, jigging, and casting. Other popular fish in Michigan include smallmouth bass, trout, and salmon, which can be found in various bodies of water throughout the state. Fishing for these species can be challenging but rewarding, with many anglers traveling from all over the country to test their skills on Michigan's waters.


Stay tuned for more updates and contact us today to book your fishing trip and experience the thrill of fishing in Michigan with City Limits Sportsfishing!

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Vets with Nets walleyes 6/8/24 fishing report coverpicture

June 8, 2024

Vets with Nets walleyes 6/8/24

Vets with Nets trip on lake erie 6/8/24. Boated 30 walleyes in 3 hours! 
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Lake st Clair mix bag beat down!  fishing report coverpicture

June 1, 2024

Lake st Clair mix bag beat down!

2 trips full of walleyes, smallies, perch and occasional musky and pike! Trolling one trip and other trip was casting walleyes with livescope! Made some moves for perch and it was game on! 
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Detroit river walleye jigging  fishing report coverpicture

April 20, 2024

Detroit river walleye jigging

pics are from 3 trips this past weekend on the detroit river! jigging using fatboy jigs with multiple plastics. boat slipped at motor city marina in wyandotte, mi. fish cleaning, easy parking access and restrooms on site! 
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Lake Erie hogs!  fishing report coverpicture

March 30, 2024

Lake Erie hogs!

Pics from 2 trips. Highlight was landon who just had his 12th birthday! I met him and his dad on my recent trip to milwaukee brown trout fishing. His mom and dad came out for a day of fishing on Lake Erie today. They battled through the heavier rain at our first spot. Made some moves, nicer weather and they stuck it out! They were all assisting and setting lines the entire trip! Landon was culling fish early for bigger ones before we had their keepers 😆. Landed 35-40 fish total. Bandits 35,45,65 back worked well as well as Bill Lewis Fishing PWC 30 back all behind Off Shore Tackle Company boards 1.8 ave speed. Fished multiple areas in OH waters around the cans around the Port Clinton area.

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Detroit river beat down!  fishing report coverpicture

April 6, 2024

Detroit river beat down!

Fun couple trips on the Detroit this weekend! This am was repeat customer Brandon and he brought his brother Justin and father Mike. I’ve been checking a bunch of spots all along the river. Started with some crowds at a few spots mid river. Once they had a pile I veered into a few Canada spots in the mud and it was worth It! Lost a few really nice ones as well. FatBoy Jigs LLC on all rods with darker profile worms and split tails were the preferred colors. 

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Walleye smack down!  fishing report coverpicture

March 16, 2024

Walleye smack down!

Trolled in15 fow. bandits 30-35 back at 1.6 mph behind offshoretacklecompany boards pit fish in the box quick! 2 trips landed 3 fosh over 9 pounds with big one at 9.6#. 
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Perch and walleye combo trip  fishing report coverpicture

March 9, 2024

Perch and walleye combo trip

target species were perch. first two spots werent happening. third spot was full of pike. made a move and 2 passes for walleyes. landed 6 and lost a few. went in for one last perch spot and was able to sort thru a bunch of fish for a nice basket of eaters! Livescope is key to finding bait and fish! 
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Milwaukee harbor brown trout fishing report coverpicture

February 10, 2024

Milwaukee harbor brown trout

went 22/31 Saturday all day and Sun am. Flicker shads dominated using snap weights. 
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Casting inland lake walleyes fishing report coverpicture

October 1, 2023

Casting inland lake walleyes

Had fun casting for inland lake walleyes in northern michigan! casting glide baits using Garmin Livescope was key in targeting the suspended walleyes! got a 4 person limit and did some perch fiahing also. 
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Western Basin Lake Erie fishing report coverpicture

June 18, 2023

Western Basin Lake Erie

Trip on western basin Lake Erie with repeat customers and friends Ken Lambeth and Greg! Plan was to rip spoons off dipsy divers behind Off Shore Tackle Company boards. Hit our first pass deep into Ohio waters on some nice marks. Our catch rate compared to marks was off and a ton of boats piled in. Picked up and ran 6 miles north. Airmar transducer was lighting up good with marks and barely any boats within miles. #1 off shore tadpoles 45-90 back with harnesses was able to pile the fish on the boat. 32fow speed 1.4 worked best.
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Detroit Fishing fishing report coverpicture

March 30, 2023

Detroit Fishing

Quick after work trip on the Detroit! Prospected a few spots and on the third spot we had good marks on the side scan. 3 passes and made quick work of a 4 person limit. I’m liking the new lamiglas detroiter rods paired with FatBoy Jigs LLC . Dark plastics on the flats next to the channel did best for us. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, a Detroit fishing charter is a great way to experience the thrill of walleye fishing on the Detroit River.